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Yu. I. KORABLEV, N. F.'MAKAROV. The Formation of the USSR and Strengthening the Country's Defence Potential.

Soviet defence capability is in the centre of the authors' attention. The centralisation of military command, more effective utilisation of material and human resources with the aim of strengthening defence of the Soviet republics was the result of the formation of the USSR. The state unification of the republics made the USSR a mighty power capable of repulsing aggression of international imperialism.

Yu. A. KIZILOV. Comparative-Historical Aspects of the. Urban System in 14th-15-Century Russia.

The author takes as his subject the interaction of economic and political factors whose impact on the life of a mediaeval town in different European countries was different in spite of the unified major trend of urban development. Political factors tended to strengthen the town as a centre of feudal power while the growth of handicrafts and trade in the Russian towns led to the emergence of new forms of property and corporations similar to the analogous institutions in other countries.

Yu. I. VOLKOVA, N. V. ROMANOVSKY. The Bankruptcy of Bourgeois Historiographic Conceptions of the National Relations in the USSR.

The authors subject to argumented criticism contemporary bourgeois literature on the history of the emergence and development of the Soviet multinational state, they expose the Sovietological tendencies in the treatment of the history of the socialist revolution in the non-Russian regions of the Russian Empire, of the processes which have led to the formation of the USSR and of the national relations in our country at the present stage.

M. A. BARG. Historical Awareness as a Historiographic Problem.

The author presents two understandings of the concept "historical awareness": a broad one, i. e., as a characterisation of the culture of the given epoch and a narrow, specialised one, i.e., as a sphere of transformation of the dominating world-view into an axiological system of the historian. In the first case the type of historism is analysed within a cultural context, while in the second-the historian discloses the degree to which the worldview situation influences the formation of the type of historical thinking.

стр. 190


"Problems of History", No. 12, 1982

Articles: Yu. I. Korablev, N. F. Makarov. The Formation of the USSR and Strengthening the Country's Defence Potential; Yu. A. Kizilov. Comparative-Historical Aspects of the Urban System in 14th-15th-Century Russia; Yu. I. Volkova, N. V. Romanovsky. The Bankruptcy of Bourgeois Historiographic Conceptions of the National Relations in the USSR; M. A. Barg. Historical Awareness as a Historiographic Problem. Histоrical Essays: E. G. Kiseleva. River Fleet in the Battle of Stalingrad; A. A. Zimin. The Struggle for Moscow (Second Quarter of the 15th Century); E. L. Nitoburg. Grenada: Road to the Revolution. Historical Science in the USSR and Abroad. Surveys. G. L. Mankovskaya. Soviet Historiography on Albanian History; К. К. Siilivask, Corresponding Member of the Estonian Academy of Sciences. Tartu University is 350 Years Old. Book Reviews: A. K. Biron, M. F. Biron. The Development of Soviet Historiography of Latvia. The 1920s and 1930s; A. I. Alatortseva, Istorik- Marksist Journal in 1926 - 1941;; G. L. Nikolnikov, The Brest Peace and the Ukraine; S. V. Tyutyukin. The First Russian Revolution and G. V. Plekhanov. From the History of the Struggle of Ideas in the Russian Labour Movement in 1905 - 1907; A. Bragin. In Search of the Concealed; G. M. Ratiani. France: the Fate of Two Republics; G. M. Ivanov, A. M. Korshunov, Yu. V. Petrov. Methodological Problems of Historical Cognition; An Outline History of Kampuchea; The Economy and Society in the Balkans in the Middle Ages. A Thematic Collection of Some Institutes of Higher Education; The State and Society in the Balkans in the Middle Ages. A Thematic Collection of Some Institutes of Higher Education; The Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. A Reference Book of Manuscripts and Archival Materials in the USA; D. Bratanov. The Striving and the Struggle (Sofia) ; H. Zinn. A Peoples' History of the United States (New York). Scientific Notes. Facts, Events, People. Articles in Soviet and Foreign Journals. New Books in the USSR and Abroad. Contents of the Problems of History Journal for 1982.



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