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The Scientific Information Agency FIAN-Inform reported that scientists of P. Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (FIAN) have created a unique device Kinox γ4 for checking up the body energy status. This device can determine, among other things, severity of a serious endocrine metabolic disease--diabetes mellitus--and efficiency of its therapy.

The analyzer has been developed by specialists of the Funktsional Research and Production Association, created with the support of the FIAN Innovation Park. The interests of this association include development of biophysical technologies and their introduction into practical medicine. It is a result of many-year studies of oxygen transporting function of the blood, carried out at the Institute in collaboration with leading medical institutions of the country.

The Kinox γ4 work is based on an analysis of specimens of patient's venous blood, to be more precise--of its oxygenation process (i.e. blood saturation with oxygen). Georgi Rybalchenko, one of the authors, Cand. Sc. (Phys. & Math.), said: "The patient's energy status drops during the development of diabetes mellitus due to insulin shortage. Hence, Kinox γ4, measuring the oxygenation rate, will record deviations of the measured characteristics from the norm. Monitoring the kinetics of oxygen saturation of the blood, we can have a more ample picture of the disease development, including quantitative evaluation of diabetes severity."

Today the concept of therapy of this perfidious disease consists in maximally complete normalization of the patient's carbohydrate metabolism (i.e., compensation). The wide spectrum of drugs and therapeutic measures, promoting blood sugar reduction to the normal level, are used in clinical medicine. However, experiments with Kinox γ4 have shown that a common therapeutic course is insufficient for normalization of cellular energy metabolism.

Rybalchenko explains, "The matter is that everything in our organism is closely interrelated. As a rule, diabetes mellitus is detected when it starts to tell on the patient's working capacity. This, in its turn, means that all cells are involved in the pathological process. Hence, their energy metabolism is disturbed, and not only carbohydrate, but other metabolism types have to be normalized for complete recovery. Special methods and devices are needed to monitor this process. Kinox γ4 is one of the devices for monitoring disorders in all types of energy metabolism."

The device gives an opportunity to diagnose diabetes mellitus even at the early stages of its formation and makes it possible to regulate the treatment efficiency at all stages of the disease development. In addition, it can be used to detect any generalized (all systems) alteration of the energy status (even not associated with this disease).

Kinox γ4 is patented and highly appreciated by specialists of the leading medical centers, for example, N. Filatov Pediatric Clinical Hospital No. 13, I. Sechenov First Moscow Medical University, M. Vladimirsky Moscow Research and Clinical Institute, and is recommended for clinical trials.

O. Ovchinnikova, "A Device for Monitoring of Dynamics of Diabetes Mellitus Created". FIAN-Inform Scientific Information

Agency, February 26, 2013

Photo from FIAN site

Prepared by Marina MALYGINA


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