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____________________ Эта публикация была размещена на Либмонстре в другой стране и показалась интересной редакторам. Полная версия:Диэлектрическая-проницаемость-эфира-Заряд-электрона
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Weather is an inexhaustible source of surprises for us, but now sudden changes in it serve as a cause of concern, for many experts in the field regard them as a manifestation of the global climate change due to the steadily growing hothouse effect as a res
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"I feel like a decent man only when I'm satisfied [with my work", wrote Robert Falk*. He was born "A in Moscow on October 27, 1886. Musically gifted, he was preparing to enter a conservatoire, but painting turned to be more attractive. Falk started to exhi
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by Vladimir KULAKOV, Dr. Sc. (Hist.), Head of the Baltic Expedition, Institute of Archeology (IA), Russian Academy of Sciences Since time immemorial our continent, Europe, has been crisscrossed by trade routes which have made it possible to forge contac
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In the 1780s the honorary member of St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences, natural scientist Eric (Kirill) Laksman became interested in the Baikal area caves, which are created in karst rocks. He had probably collected the first scientific data on the enigmat
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by Vladimir KULAKOV, Dr. Sc. (Hist.), Institute of Archeology, Russian Academy of Sciences Waves splashed against the boards of warboats cutting across the Baltic. At long last their stemposts touched a gently sloping shore. Yet another gang of "Barbari
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Today, nobody already denies the fact of climate global warming. What will expect us in the future? This issue is the subject of heated discussions of scientists all over the world. Different scenarios of possible consequences of the processes taking place
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by Acad. Zhores ALFEROV, Nobel Prize winner, Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Chairman of the RAS St. Petersburg Research Center; Acad. Sergei KOVALEV, Head of the RUBIN Central Naval Design Bureau; Dr. Anatoly RODIONOV, Chairman of the S
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Protecting the shelf of the World Ocean from terrorists and saboteurs with the help of animals has long been regarded as a problem of considerable importance. What is being done about it in this country we learn in an article published in the Vestnik Rossi
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President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin congratulated prominent compatriots honored with the State Award for 2006 in June 2007. Among them were Academician Sergey Kovalev, chief designer and supervisor of studies of design works for rocket strat
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