FOUNDATIONS OF RELATIVISTIC GRAVITHERMODYNAMICS[1]   Danylchenko, Pavlo[2]   Research and Production Enterprise "GeoSystem" (Vinnytsia, Ukraine)   The cardinal difference between relativistic gravithermodynamics (RGTD) and general relativity (GR) is that in RGTD the extranuclear thermodynamic characteristics of matter are used in the tensor of energy-momentum to describe only its quasi-equilibrium motion. For the description of the inertial motion in RGTD only the hypothetical intranuclear gravithermodynamic characteristics of matter are used. Exactly this fact allows avoid the necessity of nonbarionic dark matter in the Universe in principle. Evolutionary self-contraction of microobjects of lower layers of gravithermodynamically bonded matter outpaces the similar self-contraction of its upper layers. This is the exact reason of the curvature of intrinsic space of matter. That is why gravitational field itself should be primarily considered as the field of spatial inhomogeneity of evolutionary decreasing of the size of matter microobjects in the background Euclidean space of expanding Universe. In correspondence to this the gravitational field itself is the field of spatial inhomogeneity of gravithermodynamic state of dense matter of compact astronomical objects, as well as of strongly rarefied gas-dust matter of space vacuum. And, therefore, the gravitational field fundamentally cannot exist without matter. That is why it is not an independent form of matter. It is shown that equations of the gravitational field of GR should be considered as equations of spatially inhomogeneous gravithermodynamic state of only utterly cooled down matter. This matter can only be the hypothetical substances such as ideal gas, ideal liquid and the matter of absolutely solid body. The real matter will be inevitably cooling down for infinite time and never will reach the state that is described by the equations of gravitational field of the GR. Only conditional identity of inertial mass ... Читать далее

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