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Linsheng Electromechanical Co , Ltd - Choose Household Vacuum Cleaners, See Them
       With the advancement of technology and the advent of the economic era, vacuum cleaners have gradually become an important tool for dust removal in family life. Next,     Linsheng Electrical Co  , Ltd.    and everyone discussed the four options for household vacuum cleaners.   1, suction   The so-called vacuum cleaner's main function is to vacuum, and "sucking" is the key, so if you want to buy a suitable household vacuum cleaner, you must first look at the suction. In general, household vacuum cleaners are more suitable for suction at 27Kpa. Too low suction is not enough.   2, filter material   The structure of the household vacuum cleaner contains a specific filter material, which is usually made of sponge material, but the material has poor filterability; and the activated carbon filter net can increase the adsorption force against dust, especially the hole. Large filter effect is also general; and scouring pad, the texture is relatively fine, the filtration performance is better than sponge and activated carbon, and the price is relatively affordable. Therefore, this material can be considered when choosing a household vacuum cleaner.   3, the shell material   Because of its high usage rate at home, you should choose a durable type, so you should pay attention to its outer casing material. That tells you that you can choose stainless steel because it is wear-resistant, impact-resistant and not aging.   4, silencer effect   Normally, the vacuum cleaner will make a sound after it is powered. Only this sound will be relatively large and some will be relatively small, while the general vacuum cleaner will emit about 80 decibels. A better vacuum cleaner should only have a windy sound after power-on and the sound of the whole machine should be as small as possible, and should not be mixed with other noise. So this is also a concern when shopping. ... Читать далее

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Linsheng Electromechanical Co , Ltd - Choose Household Vacuum Cleaners, See Them

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