The law of universal gravitation of Newton is a particular cases of attraction of two bodies with equal masses
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The law of universal gravitation of Newton is a particular  cases of attraction of two bodies with equal masses In physics, the opinion has been formed that the law of universal gravitation of Newton is inaccurate. In our opinion, this inaccuracy lies in the fact that in the formula of the law of universal gravitation the product of two masses assumes that both masses, irrespective of the difference in their magnitudes, attract each other with equal forces, for the difference in the forces of attraction between attracting masses the formula does not reflect. And this leads to the fact that researchers using this law empower both masses with equal forces of attraction. However, the logic of common sense suggests that a large mass should have a greater attraction force, and a smaller mass should have a smaller attraction force. But physical science does not yet answer the question, in what form the mass radiates the force of attraction. Newton haughtily declared that he did not invent hypotheses. But we are not great thinkers. And we are not up to arrogance. We modestly try to guess how the mass generates the force of attraction. According to our hypothesis, the attraction of bodies to each other is determined by the magnetic induction of gravitons, which, attracted by different poles, form graviton chains - lines of force of gravitational fields. By the way, physical science, without clarifying the nature of magnetic induction, declared the power of magnetism to be an off-center force. But magnetism is formed by gravitons, which by moving free charges and gravitating bodies in the ether is the central force. The resultant force of all gravitons participating in the interaction is on a straight line connecting the centers of moving charges and gravitating bodies. Masses emit graviton chains, and absorb graviton chains emitting other gravitating bodies. Emitted by the body, graviton chains attract other bodies to this body. And graviton chains absorbing this body attra ... Read more

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