Peru scales down flights of military planes in border area
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The Peruvian Air Force reduces the flights of military aircraft over areas which border on Ecuador. This unilateral decision, Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori, stated on Sunday, is prompted by a desire to promote the establishment of a climate of mutual trust in relations between the two countries. The second stage of Peruvian-Ecuadorean talks begins in Brasilia on Monday for the two countries to overcome mutual territorial claims which developed into an armed conflict at the beginning of 1995. The dialogue is being conducted under the auspices of the 1942 Rio de Janeiro Protocol guarantor countries (Argentina, Brazil, the United States, and Chile), which determined the Peruvian-Rcuadorean border, which was to be fully demarcated. The most difficult point in settling the border dispute is a solution to the problem of Ecuador's "sovereign outlet" to the Amazon. Peru proceeds from the premise that the Rio Protocol makes no provision to satisfy Ecuador's demand. The Ecuadorean side, for its part, maintains that it is difficult to comply with the Protocol.

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