Indian, Italian PMs urge democratisation of UN agencies
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India and Italy favour experditing the process of a "greater democratisation" of UN leading agencies with a view to bringing the activities of the World Body into line with current realities, Indian Prime Minister Inder Kumar Gujral and his Italian counterpart Romano Prodi, who is currently in the republic on an official visit, stated at talks that ended here on Thursday. Despite consensus on the need to reorganise UN activitives, India and Italy take different views on the prospect for a reform of the UN Security Council. "Italy comes out against increasing the number of Permanent Members of the Council 'in any form'," Prodi has told journalists."However, if a decision to this effect is taken, Italy will not oppose the election of Germany or Japan. In our view, it will be difficult for India, just as for any other developing state, to secure election as a Permanent Member due to the current Members' veto right". The Italian Premier, in his remarks at the press conference, also declared in favour of strengthening stability and peace in South Asia, settling the Kashmir problem and other contentious issues between India and Pakistan, as well as normalising relations between those two countries. "Rome has no intention to act as a go-between in a solution to the Kashmir problem, which must be settled as a result of Indo-Pakistani political consultations," Prodi said. The Italian Premier said a continuation of India's economic reforms will enable New Delhi considerably to broaden trade-and-economic cooperation with Italy and other European Union countries this year. A considerable expansion of India's and Italy's cooperation will be promoted by a further establishment of joint ventures, including those in civil aviation, in view of the decision by the governments of the two countries to set about co-developing a new 70-seat passenger plane together with France. The development of cooperation between India and Italy, as well as other states in the economy, trade an ... Read more

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