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Чернобыль сняли с дрона. Город, которого нет. Просто посмотрите. ____________________ Эта публикация была размещена на Либмонстре в другой стране и показалась интересной редакторам. Полная версия: http://hit.by/video/109
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Since the atmosphere of planets are defined by values ​​"permanent" Boltzmann and Planck all physical processes occurring on these planets or in their vicinity should proceed at different values ​​of these physical factors but, obviously, on the same physi
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According to physicists of the twentieth century, there is no time "by itself". In no time, which would have existed without regard to what is happening in the physical world. Time always and everywhere is not "generally", specifically in any given physica
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The expression does not determine the energy of the photon, and characterizes a specific impulse or photon, or power, depending on what units is measured by Planck's constant. One unit of measurement is the Planck constant energy per one elementary wave, s
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As the article coefficient, which is taken as an electrical or dielectric constant has no vacuum or ester, any relation to the ether medium properties, and is just a proportionality coefficient. T. To. Elektronovrassmatrivayutsya charges directly to the SI
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In the article it is shown that transformations of Лоренца do not determine dependence between time and coordinates of the systems locomotive in relation to each other at a speed of equal v, at motion of ray of light along the axis of Предполагается, что п
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Microwave background or ether, consists of микроэлементарных particles of relicts and фононов (эфиронов) and possesses properties similar to properties of gas environment, i.e. it is submitted a closeness molecular weight, gas permanent, by a heat capacity
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As a фононовая environment in space is not homogeneous that следова тельно, Permanent Boltzmann and Планка are not permanent sizes, and depend on properties of phonon environment and have different values in the different zones of space.Keywords: фононовая
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As electric energy of direct-current sources in энергоустановках the ordinary collector generators of direct-current, alternators, can be used with rectifying installations, and also homopolar generators(УГ). The use of сверхпроводящих обмоток will allow t
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Трюк завершился неудачно - парни оказались в больнице с ожогами. ____________________ Эта публикация была размещена на Либмонстре в другой стране и показалась интересной редакторам. Полная версия: http://hit.by/best/108
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